Not all the days will be same. Each day in life will be different and we have no other choice other than facing the day. The choice is ours about facing each day. Sometimes we don’t know how it happens but things fall in our lines so that we can enjoy. We call it as luck or surprising as we would not have imagined anything about it. When it happens suddenly in surprising way we will feel more than happy and such state is called as ecstasy. Many people feel this ecstasy in different times of their life. And it happened to me one fine day and the bliss still remains in my life. Whenever I get the though of that day it blows me with happiness.

Enjoyed sex

I never thought that sex would happen to me this way and it was awesome for me. On one fine day sex happened to me in way that I could never ever forget it in my life. It was the beginning days of my friendship with her and we were really happy with our relationship. We had enough time with each other spending at different places and it was all blissful and I can say that we were emotionally special to each other. She used to me encourage me in different things and I was supportive to her in many things. As we were like this we tasted sex and it was mind blowing but we did not think that it would happen like this.

The boobs touch

After finishing a party at friend’s place for his birthday, she came to my place and the night was falling. Not only nigh, I also was falling for her as she was gorgeous that night and I never knew that she also felt the same about me. As we were talking different things about party, she leaned on my playfully and we were just having some fun time together. As she leaned on me many times, I felt her boobs hitting me and it was like her kissing me. I never felt any arousal like that and it was awesome. As I was enjoying her boobs touch, I got erected but my boner is not visible. Slowly I turned towards her casually and accidentally kissed around her neck. I don’t know what she felt; she was happy and felt some nervous shock.


Hands playing

Immediately she did not resist saying that it was electrifying. Without taking much time, she kissed me back and we started kissing each other. It was completely new experience and I started entering in to her tops and fondled her boob slowly. She enjoyed and she was kissing me intensely and her hands playing around back of my head. She did not want me take my hands away from her boobs.

Boobs time

I have not tasted any such boobs in that way and I felt like I need it badly and removed her top. Besides she removed my shirt and loved kissing my body all over. I could not wait anymore so I came top on her and started enjoying her boobs. I licked the nipple and sucked it like a baby and it was awesome to the core. I buried my face in between her boobs and it was really awesome. As I was doing this, she unzipped my pants and wanted my penis and was fondling it.


I could not wait anymore so I took her to bed from couch and started playing with her vagina. Yea it was sweaty and she started lubing. I enjoyed inserting my finger and gave her amazing time. She enjoyed it like anything but she wanted my cock immediately. She took my cock on her mouth and gave me blow job that I have ever enjoyed in my life.

Cow girl climax

She was full of pleasure so she licked my shaft and took it slowly and steadily to give me speechless pleasure. Then she took my shaft in her hand and started jerking it as I was playing with her clitoris. Finally I inserted my cock in her and she was moaning in pleasure and I enjoyed it more and more. She wanted to ride me and I yielded and she had her time in cow girl style in which she pounded me hard. We done it and reached peak of the climax.