The unforgettable day to relish forever

I was not sure that the pleasures that we enjoy any day would last forever. I was sure that pleasures or feelings of sad will last only for few days. But all of a sudden I changed my ideology that the pleasures that you enjoy this day could linger in your mind forever. Yes!!! That is possible if you feel or experience the ecstatic pleasure. I had it when it had an awesome sexual experience. Absolutely sex is really a best thing that each person should enjoy to the fullest of it. Sex is to be experienced and it will be really interesting and most enjoyable if you explore it. By the way I did not explore when I had the awesome sex but it happened to me the best all of a sudden.

Nice raining

I and my girl friend were having a tiresome day of shopping and doing some certain important things together, driving and moving to different places. After a hectic day, we finally managed to have our meal by evening and were resting in her place. She had brought some snacks and together we were watching some movie on TV. The evening was really cool that day and it was fine for us to relax and rest. It started raining and it was really cool and we get indulged in movie. As the place become completely cool, it was the time we started cuddling each other and had intense smooches.

Smooches to kisses

As we started smooches as we were enjoying each other, we went on kissing which increased our pleasure and we were deeply in to it. I forget to tell you, we are dressed. As our kissing went deeper we started slowly undressing each other. I tell you for sure, undressing is really most enjoyable part in sex. We did not stop kissing and it was really enjoying kissing each other as we undress each other. As we undressed us intently involved in kissing all over the body and I loved unhooking her inner as my lips tasted her lips. It was passionate and lively that I tasted her entirely from head to foot.


Fore play

She enjoyed the way I enjoyed I her and she yielded her completely and she was looking for her turn. I kissed her navel and enjoyed her moaning and then I started squeezing and enjoying her boobs. Man that was really awesome as I have not seen or experienced such a softer thing ever in my life. As I started caressing and licking her boobs her nipples erected. I could sense her enjoyment. She was expressing her feelings and got me completely in to intense sex. I was really happy for her cooperation. I enjoyed her boobs by licking and sucking and it really increased my arousal to go down.


I went down to play with her pussy but she was but reluctant initially and I don’t know the reason but with my simple kiss on it, she allowed me to have my time. I played with her clitoris using my tongue and it was high pleasure for her as I could hear her loud moaning. She was shuddering other way because of the pleasure when I tasted her clitoris. It was mind blowing to open her vagina walls and to insert my finger for a short strokes for which she responded like as if she enjoy the fullest. I then took her vagina walls and G spot with my tongue and it was out of the world experience for her and I really enjoyed satisfying her and I think sex is all about satisfying each other.

Mind blowing

Then she did not want me to go more as she wanted to take me on and she started with slow then wild blow job that took me to the point of climax but she stopped knowing that I would cum soon. Then she asked me to get me in her and we had amazing intercourse in missionary position. Wow!!! That was really awesome as I could go deeper in this position. I wanted doggy position then and she enjoyed that too. The doggy position was completely out of the world experience as I could get her with perfect grip for wild stokes in and out. I came finally and my climax was on her butt.

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